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Meeting Immediate Protective Demand

With rapid spread of COVID-19 and the need for immediate deployment of medical responses, governments, hospitals, and individuals are fighting to fix the protection problem.

From medical first responders battling in warlike conditions every day, to workers in essential businesses keeping our basic services; the supply of essential personal protective equipment (PPE) like respirators, gloves, and face shields are inadequate.

For hospitals, preparing for the surge in need for specialized medical supplies like ventilators has been challenging globally. Non-medical grade face masks and hand sanitizers are becoming staples for households and businesses alike.

What are the innovative ways to provide the sustainable safety of our people in the face of the pandemic?

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Meeting Needs for New Services

We need more than protective products to overcome unpredictable disruptions to society. “Physical distancing” adjustments for the riskiest populations require delivery of food and various essential items.

With the closure of schools, students, caregivers, and teachers need immediate access to resources that will support continuing education.
Healthcare workers depend on help with childcare and ways to ensure the safety of their families.

Extended social distancing highlights and intensifies multiple different consequences on society; including the ones without stable internet access, raising an opportunity for businesses to serve an untapped potential.

Adopting for a New Future

COVID-19 pandemic has created a disruption unheard of to economies all around the globe. New norms, constraints, and opportunities are born faster than ever.

Businesses need to find ways to survive in this new reality. Their success is crucial to support the livelihoods and needs of everyone.

How COVID-19 is transforming industries, changing expectations, risks, and opportunities for businesses?

What are the ways businesses need to change to succeed in this new era, to become sustainable and resilient?

This field of opportunity invites reflection on how COVID-19 will change our assumptions about business ideology, the role of community, and the importance of innovation ability.

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For a healthier future together, we are discovering new business models and talents with our industry and investor mindset, to empower global, scalable and sustainable startups. 

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